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3.07sHuh. Didn't realize Greenberg was a Jedi name.
4.77s(BIRDS CHIRPING) ANNOUNCER: And now, back to Blind Justice.
7.77s(ANNOUNCER SPEAKING) I need you to go down to 54th and Main, talk to the suspect's wife.
3.14sWhile you're there, see if you can get a sample of his hair to match his DNA.
2.03sAll right. I'm on it.
4.4s(KNOCKING ON DOOR) (COCKING GUN) - Hi, Mr. Pewterschmidt. Hello, Peter.
2.6sWhat's up? Good. Oh, damn it! I mean, not much.
2sWhat you got there? Oh, this? It's a gun.
2.03sOh, yeah? Yeah. I'm going to kill you.
1.43sDaddy, what are you doing?
3.34sYour fat, bastard husband ruined me! I lost my home, my money,
2.37sand perhaps just as serious, my wife left me!
1.23sMom left you?
1.7sYeah. She ran off with Ted Turner.