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2.63sIn the time we've spent together, I've learned something.
2.74sWhen you're rich, you don't own your possessions,
1.9syour possessions own you.
1.4sOh, Carter, darling!
1.53sBabs, sweetheart!
1.74sHoney, we're rich again.
2.4sI divorced Ted Turner and took half his money.
1.9sWe own half of CNN.
1.6s- (EXCLAIMING) - And TNT.
2.64s- All right, buddy, we did it! We're rich! - "We"?
1.67sGo to hell, you fat peasant!
1.37sOh, crap!
3.27sPeter, listen to me. Money doesn't matter.
3.14s10 years ago Daddy offered to give us $10 million,
1.4sand I turned it down.
1.1sWhat? Yes.
4.44sAnd I'll always turn it down because money just complicates everything.
2.87sWe don't need money because we have each other.
2.84sHappiness isn't about buying expensive things,
2.17sit's about being together.