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2.7sWell, for this, this is a first--first-class cabin.
1.37sIt's, uh, 25 bucks.
2sWow! And we're the robbers.
2.23sUm, okay, uh, uh. How much is coach?
1.67sUh, $12 for coach.
1.03sWell, he's a senior...
1.4sYou know what? That-- That's fine.
2.3sJust give me 2 coach tickets.
1.33sAll right, thank you.
2.3sOh, wow! When did Mamma Mia! come to the Oakdale?
1.87sOh, yeah. What... Just a week ago, I think.
2.2sOh, wow! We--We should go. Do you want to...
1.27sYou want to go see Mamma Mia?
2.77sPeter, could I speak to you over by the door?
1.37sGood as new.
1.57sOh, come on!
1.33sI give up.
2.3sWe're gonna be lower middle-class Americans forever.
1.8sA fate worse than death.
2sSeriously, we may as well just be dead.
1.97sYou know what, Peter? That's not true.
2.63sIn the time we've spent together, I've learned something.
2.74sWhen you're rich, you don't own your possessions,
1.9syour possessions own you.
1.4sOh, Carter, darling!
1.53sBabs, sweetheart!
1.74sHoney, we're rich again.