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2.57s- I'm--I'm just not comfortable, you know? - Well, I don't...
1.6sThis--This is, like, the '90s, man.
1.94sI mean, like, everybody...
3.64sCome on. You saw me on that boat. I was wearing a blazer.
1.93sHuh? Come on. No! I just...
2.14sI--I don't want to! All right? I don't want to right now!
1.37sI told you I'm not comfortable.
1.5sI think you could respect that.
2.3sYou know? I do respect. I totally respect it.
2.3sThat just makes me want you more, you know?
2.77sCome on, man. Let's just... Let's just go nuts. Let's just...
2.24sNo, I said... I don't... Come on!
2.73sI don't want... No! No! Peter, stop! Just stop! All right!
1.13sTurn off the camera!
1.63sGod, I'm sorry, Mr. Pewterschmidt.
1.73sI don't want to do this anymore, all right?
1.3sYou know what? You went too far.
1.37sWhat? You went too far.
1.17sThat's his character. That's how...
1.03sI mean, he's that kind of...
1.13sNo! Forget it. Forget it.
1.23sYou know what? It's just weird, man.
1.13sIt's just weird. You're weird.
1.4sAll right? Just get off it.
2.27sLet's just do something else to make money.
1.6sAnd we will be back.
2.27sStand back, Brian. I'm preparing for my vault.
2.54sYou can't vault inside the living room. You're gonna get hurt.