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3.32sZoidberg, get lost. I am lost. So long.
3.97sStop the end-of-the-world sex. We might survive after all.
5.74s(BOTH GROAN) All right, Amy, what's so important that you interrupted my embalming?
2.17sI translated more Martian symbols.
2.1sThere's a way off this planet.
3.1sThat underground pyramid isn't a pyramid,
1.32sit's a rocket ship!
3.87sIt was worth waiting five hours to hear you finish that sentence.
4.5sA spaceship made of stone? With no electronics, it just might work!
2.65sI'll stick with wind-up power, thank you very much.
3sHmm. I've never flown a pyramid before,
2.5sbut I used to drive around town in a mausoleum.
1.6sHow many people can this thing carry?