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3.27sIf only I could get back that time I spent watching TRON: Legacy.
1.8sLeela, I've made up my mind.
5.14sBefore we die, I'm gonna find and destroy every remaining copy of TRON: Legacy.
1.25sIt may take a couple of hours, but...
2.55sFry, stop trying to do things for me.
2.94sWhatever time we have left, just live it with me.
3.84sSo, you want to join the Balcony Club?
3.52sThe Balcony Club? I have an individual membership.
3.32sZoidberg, get lost. I am lost. So long.
3.97sStop the end-of-the-world sex. We might survive after all.
5.74s(BOTH GROAN) All right, Amy, what's so important that you interrupted my embalming?
2.17sI translated more Martian symbols.
2.1sThere's a way off this planet.