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2.3sCaptain's log. Stardate 6051.
3.74sHad trouble sleeping last night. My hiatal hernia is acting up.
2sThe ship is drafty and damp.
2.1sI complain, but nobody listens.
4.47sStar Trek XII: So Very Tired.
4.59sSee the original cast in their latest, greatest adventure.
2.6sCaptain, Klingons off the starboard bow.
3.25sAgain with the Klingons! Mr. Scott, give me full power.
4.24sIt's no good, Captain. I cannot reach the control panel.
2.4sMovies! What a rip-off!
2.57sI don't have to sit here and take this! I--
3s- Hubba hubba. Oh, you kid. - Thank you, dear.
3.15sNow, be good for Grampa while we're at the parent/teacher meeting.
1.5sWe'll bring back dinner.
0.27sWhat are we gonna have?
2.54sWell, that depends on what the teachers say.
3.3sIf you've been good, pizza. If you've been bad,