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2.69sI really don't see how this helps Bart.
0.52sjust do it.
3.25s- Busted! - Homer, we have a problem here.
2.84sAre you kidding? Lisa turned out perfect.
2.4sI won't stand here and listen to you bad-mouthing Lisa!
2.5sWe're talking about Bart!
1.14sOh. That guy.
2.15sI think the problem here is discipline.
4.47sIf Bart does something wrong, you should punish him. Well, we try.
2.72sBut he has this way of making us think we've punished him,
2.1swhen actually we've completely caved in.
2.2sHe's the boy you love to hate.
1.67sWell, you've got to start being firm with him.
2.44sI believe, with persistent discipline,
3.14seven the poorest student can end up becoming, oh, say,
2.17schief justice of the Supreme Court.
2.37sChief justice of the Supreme Court.
3.7sWhat great men he would join-- John Marshall,
3.77sCharles Evans Hughes, Warren Berger--
2.5sMmm, burger.
5.04sAnd what if we don't? Then there's no telling how low he can sink.