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6.71ssynthesizing a laxative from peas and carrots; replacing my birth control pills with Tic Tacs.
5.59sWell, I'm sorry. I'm sure Bart doesn't really mean to be bad.
3.24sNow's our chance to be bad.
2.77sMr. Simpson, I just wanted to tell you...
2.34sthat you've done a wonderful job with Lisa.
2.6sYou must have read to her at a young age.
0.57sI did.
2.7sI did read to her.
1.92s"8:00. Happy Days.
1.95s"The Fonz, Henry Winkler,
3.37sis worried he's losing his cool."
2.8sWell, I've always been a firm believer in the three "Rs"--
3sreading TV Guide, um,
3.57swriting to TV Guide and renewing TV Guide.
5.84sNow, we don't usually do this, but we have some witnesses. Come in, Arthur.
4.74sNow, where did Bart stick the fireworks?