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1.8sI've tackled tougher jobs before.
3.3sRemember that time I was Robin Williams' jumping-off point?
1.53sOkay, religion.
3.4sReligion! You kill me, I kill you, we both go to Heaven!
1.43sSeventy-two virgins!
1.43sYou might have to help me out with the last 10 or so.
2.64sBecause Mr. Happy gets tired. Religion!
2.33s(SIGHS) Uh... Politics.
3.17sPolitics! "Well, we're gonna come down there and take all your oil."
1.23s"But this is our oil."
2.33s"Yeeha! Well, here's my missile."
2.37s"Okay, take it! Take it!" Politics!
2.3sYou know what, I'm gonna take a five-minute break.
2.47sFive-minute break! What are you, a construction worker?
2.17s(WHISTLES) "Hey, baby, I'm not gay!" "Does this yellow hat make my ass look fat?"
1sFive-minute break!
1.33sALL: Ow! Ow! Ow!
1.5sYou enjoy the movie, baby?
3.17sYeah. But I think I'm gonna enjoy this even more.
1.94sNo thanks, I am stuffed.
2.7sSo are we just gonna sit here and talk, or are we gonna do it?
1.03sAll right, baby, those are the magic words.
1.03sCheck out my penis!