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1.17sYou can't fight that.
1.4sI'll find a way,
3.2swith the help of my snarky cat lawyer, Meowsy McDermott.
1.63sYou've gotta be kitten me!
5.37s(GAVEL POUNDING) This court finds in favor of the defendant, McBurgertown Industries.
2.14sWhat? Hey, come on, that's not fair!
1.93sMr. Griffin, what did you expect?
7.37sThey have 100 lawyers, and you tried to bribe me with a subscription to Grape Soda Today, which I already have!
1.07sCase dismissed.
1.57sWhat did I tell you, Peter?
2.84sOne man can't take on a multinational fast food conglomerate.
2.5sOh, yes, I can. This ain't over, Brian.
2.67sThose people are bad, and I'm gonna prove it to the world.
2.17sHow do you expect to do that? Are you kidding?
1.8sI've tackled tougher jobs before.
3.3sRemember that time I was Robin Williams' jumping-off point?
1.53sOkay, religion.
3.4sReligion! You kill me, I kill you, we both go to Heaven!