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2.8sLois. You mind telling me what the hell you think you're doing?
1.47sI'm handing you a beer.
2.7sYou are handing it to my stroke arm.
3.04sThis is my good arm. Bring the beer over here!
1.6sThat's better!
2.64sSo, I'm shaving last night at this make-out party.
2.9sI took a bunch of pictures. You can see them on my MySpace page,
1.97salong with my favorite songs and movies,
1.6sand things that other people have created,
2.27sbut that I use to express my individualism.
1.83sI have a MySpace page, too.
1.73sYeah, I have mine ironically.
1.27sHey, why don't you guys get lost?
1.43sI have to talk to Connie.
1.57sHey, guess what? What?
1.5sThat's what. No, but seriously,
1.37sthere's something I want to talk to you about.
2.14sSure, Zac. Anything for you.
1.93sYou wanna go out to Anal Point this weekend,
1.3ssee what all the buzz is about?
3.14sOMG, that'd be so awesome!
2.7sSweet. We're gonna have a real raging time.
2.87sBefore you know it, we'll be like an old married couple.