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2.8sWell, I haven't seen him since this morning, and I...
1.43sWhat is that on your head?
1.33sIt's a mustache, Lois!
1.8sWhat, you never seen a mustache before?
1.94sLois, would you mind calling the police or something?
1.37sQuiet, mustache!
2.8sOh, my God! Peter, I know you're upset about losing that thing,
2.87sbut get a grip on yourself. Let Brian down.
2.74sNo. I'm not living my life without a mustache.
2.6sEven if sometimes my mustache has Alpo gas.
2.1s(FARTS) Mustache fart.
1.97sHello, I'm looking for Peter Griffin.
0.93sI'm Peter Griffin.
1.8sMr. Griffin, my name is Todd Meyers.
2.14sI'm the man you rescued from McBurgertown.
2.97sOh, yeah, you're the guy who cost me my mustache.
1.93sWhat, did you come over here to rape my daughter?
3.17sNo, I own the restaurant. And to show my gratitude,
4.4sI'd like to offer you a lifetime supply of McBurgertown burgers.