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1.47sMom, where's Dad?
1.47sOver across the street.
2.17sHe's collecting Cleveland's mail while he's out of town.
1.47sBlack guy mail!
2.37sPeter, you're just supposed to pick up Cleveland's mail,
1.23snot go through it.
2.17sLois, black people are different than you and I.
2.13sAnd me, I find that hilarious.
2.37sBoy, Cleveland gets a lot of magazines.
5.34sGrape Soda Today, Orange Soda Quarterly, The Fruit Punch Reader.
1.43sHey, what you got there, Stewie?
1.3sOoh! Mustache Aficionado.
2.9sWow, look at these men! What class. What grace.
2.4sAnd all because of a little upper-lip hair.
2.57sLois, I am gonna grow a mustache.
2.6sThen I'll have it made, like the Monopoly guy.
2.37sExcept when he goes directly to jail.
5.57sMAN: I wish I could tell you that the Monopoly guy fought the good fight, and the sisters let him be.
4.77sI wish I could tell you that, but prison is no fairytale world.