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1.13sHa! Ha!
7.77s(RAPPING) I respect women when I'm on a date I take them to the park or maybe a museum And I only try to kiss them if they're ready Whoo-hoo!
7.34sWhat, what, what, what I say what, what Help out your mom and dad by getting a job So you can help pay for school supplies Whoo-hoo!
1.94sSay ho!
5.57sWipe your shoes on the mat when you come in the house Someone just cleaned that floor Whoo-hoo!
1.13sSay what, what!
1.23sHa! Ha!
3.54sPeter, don't you think you're kind of letting that mustache consume your personality?
1.03sShut up, Brian.
2.34sI am part of a very special community now.
2.5sPeople with mustaches look out for each other.