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2.4sExcuse me, pardon me, are you the cool children?
1.6sYeah. Who are you?
1.7sMy name is Zac Sawyer.
4.77sI just transferred here from Rich Expensive Car-Driving Sex-Having High School.
2.17sWhoa! That sounds awesome.
1.83sNo, it's lame. Everything's lame.
3.17sWow, if he says one more cool thing, he's in.
4.24sI wear long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirts.
1.03sWow! Oh, my God!
1.47sOh, my God, you're so cool! You're so awesome!
2.04sYou've checkmated my teenage cynicism!
3.17sI'm a bigger hit with the kids than Will Smith and his nice clean rap.
1.13sHa! Ha!
7.77s(RAPPING) I respect women when I'm on a date I take them to the park or maybe a museum And I only try to kiss them if they're ready Whoo-hoo!