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3.74sI imagine you're gonna be much more of a stern father now that you have a mustache.
2.6sWell, Chris, there may be more lap sitting than there's been,
2.43sand I might answer most of your questions with a story,
4.8sbut mostly, my mustache tells people that there is a 90% chance that I am poorly educated,
2.94sthat I keep upscale porn magazines out in the open,
2.87sand that I listen to the Little River Band with giant headphones.
4.1sEw! That's the ugliest thing the fat man's grown since that horse leg.
1.67sHey, Peter, have you seen my... Ah!
2.44sBrian, I'm sorry, but what do I keep saying?
3.74sDo not stand behind me. Because I will get scared.
2.3sANNOUNCER: And now back to One Tree Hill.
1.94sDude, let me tell you something.
6.04sThere is nothing that'll ever happen in the rest of our lives that's as important as what's going on right here,