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4.84sI'm gonna find just the right piece of incriminating evidence to bring down this company.
4.67sOver here is a menu from our first McBurgertown restaurant in 1952.
4.77sAt that time, our value meal consisted of a hamburger, a cup of coffee and a Lucky Strike.
1.8sWow. How much did all that cost?
2.17sBack in the '50s? One straw penny.
2.63sA whole straw penny? Indeed. Follow me.
2.47sAnd in here, we're test-marketing a new mascot,
2.4sMeaty, the Quick to Anger Clown.
2.97sHey, kids! Who likes McBurgertown burgers?
2.47sI do! There was more to my question!
1.37sWe're still ironing that one out.
1.07sHey, what's in there?
1.77sOh, I'm sorry. That's off-limits.
1.57sNow, if you'll excuse me for a second,
2.2sI have to go to the bathroom for about 30 minutes,
1.5sas I eat a lot of meat.
2.3sPlease give me your word that you won't go in that door.
1.64sOkay. Good. See you in a half hour.
1.23sPeter, this is your chance!
1.64sBrian, I gave him my word.
2.13sThe hell with that. Let's see what's behind this door.