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1.5sYou enjoy the movie, baby?
3.17sYeah. But I think I'm gonna enjoy this even more.
1.94sNo thanks, I am stuffed.
2.7sSo are we just gonna sit here and talk, or are we gonna do it?
1.03sAll right, baby, those are the magic words.
1.03sCheck out my penis!
1.43s(GASPS) Oh, my God.
1.93sYeah. I am ready for sex!
4.34sI drank eight gallons of water today. This baby's ready to explode!
3.07sIs there more underneath, or is that it?
1sI'm sorry?
4.7s(LAUGHING) Zac, just get the hell out of my car!
2.37sThat's it? That was sex?
1.93sWhat a rip-off. I should sue her.
2.3sBe careful you're not held in contempt of cat!
4.17sPardon me, we're two Asian businessmen looking to invest in McBurgertown Industries,
1.63sand we'd like a tour of your facility.
1.57sYou don't look Asian.