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7.24s(GROANS) (VIDEO GAME TUNE PLAYING) ...and those are today's high scores. Linda?
3.09sThanks, Morbo. Coming up next, Galaxians,
3.09swhat you need to know to protect your family.
2.05sHow do you people do it?
3.74sHow do you go on, knowing there's nothing more to know?
3.19sI watch TV. It's the next best thing to being alive.
1.8sOh, what's the use?
3.7sI'm just not capable of the happiness of the dumb.
2.47sIf only I'd made some mistake!
3.82sYou didn't. I checked the invariance of your Lagrangian.
4sThen there's nothing left to do! Nothing!
4.87s(SOBBING) Would it cheer you up if I punched Fry in the groin?