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1.13sThanks, Brian.
2.54sGod, I have so much energy now.
1.74sAm I the only one who feels like grabbing a drink?
2.4sHey, do you think this picture is hot?
1.18sKind of, yeah.
2.17sWell, guess what, that's my back.
1.73sHook up with me! Come on!
1.27sWe can make this work.
1.9sJust stick your head in here and pretend it's a butt.
1.27sNo, Meg, stop it.
1.83sGod, this is getting too weird.
2.07sI can't be your boyfriend.
3.37sIn fact, I don't even think I can be your friend.
2.34sKent, wait! We can totally be friends.
1.4sWe can go shopping together.
1.5sAnd I like musicals.
2.94sI've even seen the latest Tony Award-winning piece of crap.
2.05sIf more people join in
1.84sThe song will get better
1.8sIf more people join in
1.7sThe song will get better