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2.42sLot of drum roll for nothing.
2.2sWhat's this? Ooh, candy!
2.47sHey, Meg. I heard what happened.
2.15sYeah, Kent hates me now.
1.53sYou made a mistake.
2.47sI know you feel terrible, but you're not a bad person, Meg.
1.63sYou just need to get back out there,
2.2sand someday, maybe you'll find the right guy.
1.43sYou really think so, Brian?
1.57sI know so.
3.34sAll it takes is one guy making one mistake, one drunken night.
1.77sSperm finding a fertile egg.
2.24sYou refusing to do what a sane woman would do.
2.57sYou got him, Meg. You got him for life.