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4.06sts Uncle Moe’s Play Tavern with classic drunk Barney.
2.23sLook, even the little toilet is broken.
4.03sI dont know if toy drunkards are an appropriate gift for a baby.
2.2sSure, they are. They even talk. Look.
2.73sf Homer's Voice f i peed my pants/
2.47sI recorded that for private use.
3.3sf Maggie Crying f
2.2sNo, it's your turn.
1.99si got itl ts okayl
2.06sMoe? What are you doing here?
2.56sWell, Maggie was crying. I heard her on my baby monitor.
3.56sYou have your own baby monitor in our child's room'?
4.53sYeah, I had to. ts so weird watching a video and not getting any sound.