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1.16sWhat the heck?
1.59sThere he is!
0.97sRun, Jerry!
1.47sCome on out, Jerry!
0.9sGuys, l'll choke up.
1.16sI'll follow through.
1.16sI'll do whatever you tell me to do, okay?
2.66sOh, we're well past that, Jerry.
3.94sCome on, Rick, quit sk-- stalling.
2.4sWhat do ya got?
1.37sRead 'em and weep, fellas!
0.83sALL: Aw!
1.47sOh, hey, Morty.
3sListen, I'm really sorry about all that stuff I said earlier about your adventure.
1.56sl-l-l'm havin' a good time, Marty,
0.99sIt's not so bad.
0.99sLet's just go home, okay?
0.83sI'm calling it.
1.19sThe adventure's over.
1.43sWe can't leave now, Marty, I'm on fire!
0.99sLook, I want to leave now.
1.33sYou win the bet, okay?
1.8sJust give me the portal gun and let's go, please.
4.33sPlease, ljust want to go home. Okay.
0.97sListen, Marty,
1.56sI just won a bunch of shmeckels.
6sWhy don't we use 25 ofthem to pay slippery stair here for a ride back to the village, and then we'll give the rest ofthe shmeckels to the villagers, huh?