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2.26sIt's become clear -- look at me --
5.57sthat if we concentrate all our efforts on Jerry's fcollcow-thrcough, we will solve this problem.
1.13sI'm Mr. Meeseeks.
1.47sl'm Mr. Meeseeks. Look at me.
3.87sThe only thing that's clear is that choking up is the one true solution.
1.7sLook at me. I'm Mr. Meeseeks.
2.53sI've been trying to help Jerry for two days,
3.13san eternity in Meeseeks time, and nothing's worked.
1.4sI fear the worst.
2.4sYour failures are your own, old man.
1.76sl'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me.
1.73sI say follow-through!
1.13sWho's with me?!
1.83sl'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!
1.02sKill him!
1.23sHow are you today?
1.59sl'm Mr. Jelly Bean.
0.99sHi, Mr. Jelly Bean.
1.09sl'm Marty,
1.43sMy grandpa and l are on an adventure.
1.73sNice. Is it a fun adventure?
1.52sI hope so.
3.03sBut I'm starting to get nervous that maybe it's gone a little too far off the rails.
2.16sIsn't that what adventures do?