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1.19sJuicy Time Babies.
1.73sYeah, yeah, yeah, h-how about some scotch whiskey?
1.16sYou got any of that around here?
1.06sOrjust a bunch of nonsense words?
1.4sWe'll have two Bloogies, please.
4.73sAnd, uh, we were wondering, is there a faster way two heroes could get down these stairs?
1.87sY'all need to ride down the stairs?
3.99sMy name is Slippely-Slippery Stair.
2.99sI'll take you down there for 25 shmeckels.
1.47s25 shmeckels?
1.47sl-l-l don't know how much -- I don't know what that is.
1.26sIs that a lot? Is it a little?
2.87sThat's exactly how much I spent on my big fake boobies.
1.33sHi, I'm Mr. Booby Buyer.
1.87sI'll buy those boobies for 25 shmeckels.
2.94sIt's a tempting offer, but I'm gonna have to decline.
1.49sRats! What a shame.
2.47sMarty, your adventure's in a spiral.
1.47sFor real, man, time to pull out.
1.43sYou keep heckling my adventure, Rick!
0.97sYou know why?
0.97sUh, because it's lame?
1.09sIt's because you're petty!
4.24sYou know, h-how many times have I had to follow you into some nonsensical bull crap?
1.63sI always roll with the punches, Rick.
1.26sWhy can't you?
1.9sLook, I got to take a leak, and when I come back,
3.03si-if you haven't learned how to lighten up, don't be here!