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2.79sLooks like some kind of tavern or something built right into the side ofthe step.
1.3sOh, WOW, Rick.
1.7sNow, this is more like it.
2.49sLook, there's little staircase-shaped people in here.
1.87sA-all kinds of crazy characters.
2.09sThis place is great, you know?
1.76slt's whimsical andfun.
3.09sWhat are you looking at, motherfucker?
0.87sEasy, Rick.
1.09sPay them no mind.
1.83sThose Stair Goblins can be moody.
1.87sNow, what can I getcha?
7.2sWe've got Skarlog Poppies, Flurlow, Halzingers, Bloogies,
1.19sJuicy Time Babies.
1.73sYeah, yeah, yeah, h-how about some scotch whiskey?
1.16sYou got any of that around here?
1.06sOrjust a bunch of nonsense words?
1.4sWe'll have two Bloogies, please.