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1.33sI thought I'd go out.
1.87sDo you want me to be happy or do you want me to be in prison?
1.33sWhoa, whoa, where in the hell is --
2.06sI'll take you to dinner.
1.3sHey, you know what?
1.09sIt's hard being me, too.
1.47sI'll be right there.
1.47sLook, I've got a marriage to keep together.
2.9sAt this point, my golf swing is more your problem than mine.
1.43sI can't take it anymore.
1.19sljust want to die!
0.99sWe all want to die!
0.99sWe're Meeseeks!
1.52sWhy did you even rope me into this?
1.49s'Cause he roped me into this!
2.33sWell, him over there, he roped me into this!
1.37sWell, he roped me into this!
0.9sWell, what about me?
1.37sHe -- he roped me into this.
1.59sWell, that one over there roped me into this.
1.43sWell, he roped me into this.
3.3sYeah, Marty, this is the part of the story everybody loves --
2.3sscaling down 650,000 oversized steps.
1.49sAll right, okay, y-you know,
3.13sifthis was a story, this part wouldn't be included, stupid.