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1.52sand we're gonna bring it to those villagers.
1.33sMarty, cut your losses.
1.37sThis is obviously a wash.
1.49sYeah, you were saying that back --
2.63sback w-w-w-when we first got arrested, but here we are,
1.56syou know, walking down the courthouse steps.
1.37sOh, boy, Morty.
3.36sUsually, walking down the courthouse steps is the easy part of the adventure.
1.16sWhat do you say, Marty?
2.3sI say give me a hand, sidekick.
1.99sEverybody shut up!
1.13sLet me try!
2.83sDamn it! Damn it! Damn it!
0.97sI'm going out.
1.06sWait. What?
1.59sWell, you're busy. I'm hungry.
1.33sI thought I'd go out.
1.87sDo you want me to be happy or do you want me to be in prison?
1.33sWhoa, whoa, where in the hell is --