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1.09sOh, great adventure, buddy.
1.4sRick and Marty go to giant prison.
1.52sYou know, if somebody drops the soap,
2.26sit's gonna land on our heads and crush our spines, Marty,
2.7sYou know, i-i-i-it'll be really easy to rape us after that.
1.13sWe're gonna be okay, Rick.
1.26sThey took my portal gun.
1.43sThis is an open-and-shut case, Marty,
1.56sYou know, w-w-w-what do you think's gonna happen,
1.99ssome magical angel's gonna show up and then --
1.09sFee! Fi! Fa! Fum!
1.76sI smell the violation of civil liberties!
5.6sYour honor, I'm from a tiny-persons advocacy group and l have here in my hand a motion to dismiss.
5.31sThese little men were never read their giant rights and are therefore Free-fi to Fo-home.
1.66sW-what the hell is he talking about?
1.26sThey're free to go, is what I meant.
3.06sl-l-l'm deconstructing our -- our -- our thing we say.
1.87sFor giants. Nobody got that?