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2.16sI smell the blood of -- whoop!
0.9sHoly crap.
0.97sOh, boy,
1.33sHe looks pretty bad down there, Marty,
2.13sLooks like he's bleeding out.
2.13sOh, Jesus! Dale!
1.83sYou sons of bitches!
0.1sOh, man.
1.3sHello, 911?
1.7sMy husband has been attacked by tiny people!
0.83sHe's dying!
1.66sHey, look, we get it.
1.3sYou're little, you're down on your luck, you think,
1.43s"Hey, he's a giant.
1.93sWhy don't we break into his home, rob him, and murder him?"
1.83sTh-th-- but that's not how it went down!
1.73sOh, well, it's going down like that.
1.7sYou're both going down like that.
2.33sOoh, boy, Morty, you're really showing me how it's done.
1.66sReal straight fonIvard and fun.
3.83sLike, letting go ofthe need to be popular is what makes people like you.
2.59sThe most important love you can receive is from yourself.
2.73sOkay, Jerry, you got to just choke up on the club!
1.9sWell, which is it, choke up or follow-through?!
2.4sAww, come on, Jerry, we've been over this.
1.63sYou know you got to do both!
2.49sThis is as frustrating for us as it is for you.
1.06sDon't tell me that!
1.26sThat just puts pressure on me!