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1.23sI'm Mr. Meeseeks!
0.93sLook at me!
0.93sHi, Mr. Meeseeks!
0.93sl'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me.
2.2sCan you help me get two strokes off of Jerry's golf swing?
1.43sCan do!
1.43sI'm Mr. Meeseeks!
1.7sIs he keeping his shoulders squared?
1.73sOoh, he's trying!
1.26sAll right, Marty,
1.9sW-w-we're in your stupid giant's castle.
0.99sW-what do we do next?
1.09sWould you just relax, Rick?
1.49sAll we got to do is find the treasure room, okay?
1.43sIt's nice and simple.
3.13sYou know, l-l-l'm sorry everything's going so smoothly and adventurously.
0.9sUh-oh, Marty,
1.19sStartin' to get a little hairy.
1.09sWhat do you want to do, boss?
0.83sCome on, hurry.
1.06sBehind this cookie jar.
3.6sFee! Fi! Fa! Fum!
1.49sJust give up, Marty,
1.13sJ-J-J-- this is game over.
1.16sI'll take us home right now.
0.86sYou just say the ward,
0.83sNo way, Rick.
1.06sThis is all part of it.
1.97sAdventures have conflict. Deal with it.
2.16sI smell the blood of -- whoop!