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1.4sAnd then it stops existing.
1.49sOh, my God, he exploded!
1.09sTrust me, they're fine with it.
1.19sKnock yourselves out --
1.7sJust keep your requests simple.
0.9sThey're not gods.
1.13sAll right!
1.26sG-get out of here now! Everybody out of here!
1.43sI got a bet to win!
1.4sSo many possibilities.
1.19sMy mind is racing.
1.13slfwe're gonna use this thing,
1.19swhich I'm not even sure we should,
0.93swe need to keep it simp--
1.4sI'm Mr. Meeseeks!
1.06sI want to be popular at school!
1.3sOoh, okay!
1.47sSummer, what did I just --
1.97sOoh, I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!
1.47sl-l-l want -- I want to be a more complete woman!
2.03sOh, yeah! Yes, ma'am!
2.43sYou guys are doing it wrong,
2.97sHe said "Simple."
2.37sHey, there. I'm Mr. Meeseeks!
3.63sMr. Meeseeks, I would like to take two strokes off my golf game.
3.7sOoh, yeah! Can do!
1.23sNailed it,