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1.59sJerry, look.
1.47sWe don't have a perfect marriage,
1.49sbut I'm not going anywhere.
1.47sWhen we were in that freezer,
2.4sI realized the Meeseeks are like the guys I went to High School with --
3.53swilling to say anything to "complete their task."
1.56sWas I one ofthose guys?
3.16sThe difference is you didn't disappear afterwards,
1.33sI got you pregnant.
1.7sWhat the hell happened to this place?
1.56sUh, your Meeseeks Box happened.
3.27sThey went crazy when they couldn't take two strokes off Jerry's golf game.
1.3sHe felt terrible.
1.87sHey, it's not my fault that Jerry's an idiot.
1.7sIs there anything you can do to clean this place up?
1.93sWell, you know, I do have a fleeseeks box.
1.59sNo. No more boxes.