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1.79sHey, leave it alone!
3.87sOkay, okay! Don't kill me, killer. Don't call me that!
2.85sRelax, Simpson. It was either him or you.
1.8sNo court would convict you.
5.3sBart Simpson, do you know why you have been summoned before this tribunal?
2.87sYes, sir. Because I killed an innocent bird.
4.75sDear Lord! We just wanted you to put fresh newspaper on the tribunal floor!
1.65sWe're knee-deep in our own droppings.
2.17sIt's disgusting.
4.87sBut since you've confessed to birdslaughter, we have no choice but to peck your face off.
2.29sNo! Not the face!
2.95sOww! What are you doing?
2.3sI got bored, so I started slapping you.
3.24sYoung man, you're coming home with me this minute.
2.67sAll right! Finally, a real home!