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2.45sYou can't keep me here forever.
3.34sSooner or later, a polar bear will happen by.
3.17sA nice, flammable polar bear.
3.15sPolar bears don't burn. I've tried many times.
1.83sFry? How'd you find me?
2.5sI used the Find My Robot app.
2.55sBENDER: Neat. What was it, 99 cents?
1.95sNo, free. But it's got ads on it.
1.4sThat seems fair.
2.85sLook, Bender, I'm sorry for doubting you.
4.7sI realize now that you're a true hero, not a glory seeking arsonist.
1.27sHow'd you figure it out?
1.33sYour burnt-up medal.
4.02sI know you would never set a fire that would endanger your own valuables.
1.03sOf course not.
3.34sIt was a psychotic flame creature from the sun who set those fires.
1.22sFlame creature?
2.9sThat's right. Fry, meet flame-o.
3.32sThat's not a flame creature. It's your pilot light.
2.79sNo. It's a fire monster from outer space,