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1.3sUnhand me!
3.27sThank you for your heroism, Earth Robot.
4.62sYou have saved your planet from becoming a lifeless ball of fire.
3.59sYou are now the greatest hero in Earth's history.
2.17sYes! Suck it, Gilgamesh!
1.52sGoodbye forever.
2.4sNo! I won't go back! I won't...
2.8sHoly crap! All your crazy stories were true!
2.17sYou saved the entire Earth!
2.4sYes. Yes, I did.
2.33s(SIGHS) But no one will ever believe me.
2.32sYes. They will. I'll vouch for you.
2.22sNo. They won't believe you either.
3.55sIf you even tell anyone I was here, they'll say I set the fire.