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3.57sYou can take me to the skies
14.45sIt's like being lost in heaven When I'm lost in your eyes Stewie, what the hell was that?
2.4sThat was Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson.
1.13sOne of the worst I've ever heard.
4.3sStewie, you shouldn't actually even be alive, you sniveling little creep.
4.07sI hate you so much, I want to shoot you in your face.
1.73sAll right. Honey, I like you,
3sbut you're just not right for this competition.
2sYo, dawg, I gotta tell you, for me, man,
2.5sthat was not even half good, dude.
2.44sYou can't sing. What are you doing, Stewie?
2.8s(SOBBING) I don't even care. They don't know what they's talking about.
1.37sNext time they hear about me,
2.87sthey's gonna be, like, "We was wrong about Stewie."
1.74s'Cause I's gonna be huge.
3.27sI's gonna be bigger than every one of all y'alls.