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2.53sOoh. There's Joe. Say, "Joe, I think you're cool."
1.6sJoe, I think you're cool.
1.53sWell, thank you, Brian.
2.6sThat's gonna get me through the rest of this yard work.
1.23s"No, just kidding, you suck."
1.27sNo, just kidding, you suck.
1.83sSTEWIE: "Queer." Queer.
2.67s(SIGHING) Well, there goes my smile.
1.3sYou know, you're not gonna get away with this.
2.54sKidnapping me is one thing, but you killed Cleveland!
2.2sYou forget, I'm the one holding the gun, Brian.
2.2sAnd you're gonna do exactly as I say.
1.8sYou mind if I ask where we're going?
1.93sYou'll know soon enough, Brian.
2.14sThe world will know soon enough.
3.37sI'll be as big as I should have been when I was on American Idol.
5.37sI don't mind not knowing What I'm headed for
3.57sYou can take me to the skies
14.45sIt's like being lost in heaven When I'm lost in your eyes Stewie, what the hell was that?