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1.13sI'm not sure...
1.33sI'll do it.
2.67sHey, Griffins, just checking in.
0.24sOh, my God!
1.6sHoly crap!
2.23sStewie, you killed him! He's dead!
2.93sOh, my God! Oh, my God, what are we gonna do?
1.3sOh, poor Cleveland.
2.8sIt's all right, Lois, he's in Heaven now.
3.57sI don't understand why I need to give you a credit card imprint.
1.57sIt's kind of a new policy.
2sI didn't see you ask the guy in front of me.
3.47sIt's kind of brand new. Do you have a credit card?
1.47sI got a Sears card.
2.47sAh. They're doing pretty well, huh?
3.87sOne by my house got a McDonald's right in the store.
2.97sIt won't be long before the police notice Cleveland's disappearance.
2.97sBlack man gone missing, my God, the media will be all over that!
3.7sAll right, if I see any cops following me, the dog gets it!
2.44sGet in. Come on, drive, drive, drive!
2.53sOoh. There's Joe. Say, "Joe, I think you're cool."