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1.67sYes, Joe, everything's fine.
1.43sOh, okay, good.
1sMake fun of his wheelchair.
1sWhat? What?
2.4sDo it. Say, "Ha-ha-ha, you're in a wheelchair."
2.3sHa-ha-ha, you're in a wheelchair.
1.27sWhat's that supposed to mean?
2.17sSay, "I bet you can't get a boner."
1.8sI bet you can't get a boner.
1.4sThat's not very nice, Brian.
1.17s"Neither is your mother's ass."
1.6sNeither is your mother's ass.
2.2s(SIGHING) Well, I'll give you that one.
1.93sNow tell him you've always thought he was handsome.
2sI've always thought you were handsome.
3.4sWell, I got to tell you, Brian, I'm relieved to hear you say that.
2.23sPlease call me if you see any sign of Stewie.
2.3sTell him, "Ha-ha-ha, just kidding about the handsome thing."
1.13s- Oh, come on. - Do it!
1.27sCome on, that meant a lot to him.
3.64s(GUN COCKING) Ha-ha-ha, just kidding about the handsome thing.