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2.3sLast week, when I made that macaroni picture of an owl,
1.27syou didn't give a damn!
1.03sThat was an owl? Yes.
2.37sAnd now we're going to look at it again.
2.54s(GROANING) Look, look! Do you like it?
1.53sWhat do you like about it, specifically?
1.4sI don't know.
1.43sPick something, or I'll blow your brains out!
2.87sI like how it looks like an owl.
1.57sThank you for the compliment!
3.94s(KNOCK AT DOOR) JOE: Hey, everything okay in there? I heard shouting.
4.6s(GUN COCKING) Dog, answer it. Tell him, "Yes, everything's fine."
1.67sYes, Joe, everything's fine.
1.43sOh, okay, good.
1sMake fun of his wheelchair.
1sWhat? What?
2.4sDo it. Say, "Ha-ha-ha, you're in a wheelchair."
2.3sHa-ha-ha, you're in a wheelchair.
1.27sWhat's that supposed to mean?
2.17sSay, "I bet you can't get a boner."
1.8sI bet you can't get a boner.
1.4sThat's not very nice, Brian.
1.17s"Neither is your mother's ass."
1.6sNeither is your mother's ass.
2.2s(SIGHING) Well, I'll give you that one.