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3.57sThat's how I found out he was a white supremacist.
3.5sOkay, first order of business, I'd like to thank Paul and Tracy,
3.17swho have agreed to bring cookies for next week's punch social.
3.27sUh, just remember, you two, Fred is allergic to peanuts.
2sPeanuts and Jews.
3.47s(ALL LAUGHING) No, but Jews are bad.
2.8sYou know, it's remarks like that that started the Holocaust,
2.4sand I know none of us want that to happen again.
6.34s(GLASS SHATTERING) And after that blow to the head, it all started coming back to me.
2.77sSo I rushed back to Quahog, and here I am.
3.77sSo what you're saying is we've got a homicidal baby on our hands.
2.4sMom! Dad! Stewie's gone!