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3.7sAnd the fat kid smiling warmly While he's peeing in the pool
3.1sHe never would be missed He never would be missed
3.77sThere's the foul-smelling boy who comes to school in camouflage
3.34sAnd every bleeding member Of the cast of Entourage
3.3sAnd while we're on the subject HBO deserves a whack
3.44sFor ending The Sopranos With a fucking cut to black
3.34sAnd guys who when you shake their hand Just bump you with their fist
3.37sI don't think they'd be missed I'm sure they'd not be missed
3.44sHe's got them on the list He's got them on the list
4.54sAnd they'd none of them be missed They'd none of them be missed
1.67sThere's the guy who sits beside you
1.9sAnd keeps farting on the plane