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3.54sIt is gross and disgusting and punishable by death.
3.94sOrigami keeps my hands busy and my mind off sex.
5.67sThere we go. I made a swan. Stewie's a good leader.
3.87sI wonder how many of these swans I can fit in my bum.
1.9sIn addition, from this day forward,
1.93sall the nation's milk must come from Hilary Swank's breasts.
1.03sHey, I don't give a damn what you want.
1.77sJust get the hell off of my property!
2.63sLook, Hilary, all I know is, it's breakfast time,
1.37sI've got this bowl of cornflakes,
1.6sand I gotta be at work at 9:00.
1.33sSo what are we gonna do here?
1.37sNot so fast.
5.94sDid you know you'd have to eat 17 bowls of those cornflakes to get the same nutritional value in one bowl of Total?
2.84sSay, that's a lot easier than eating 17 bowls!
1.6sAnd it's easier on my breasts!
2.57sEverybody wins!
5.27sHilary Swank Get your milk from her Yeah! Yeah!