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4.1sbut you have our friends caged up and... (GASPS) Dr. Banjo?
1.47sThe same.
3.14sHang on. (GRUNTS) Coming around.
2.65sWhy, if it isn't Professor Farnsworth's friends.
2.23sZoidberg, Bender and...
2.7sWho is this fetching young marmoset?
2.1sUh... Sparkles?
1.72sEnough zoo director talk.
2.4sWe know those guys, and we want them freed.
2.48sDR. BANJO: Ah! Yes, our famous Human Habitat.
2.57sThis pair have been our most popular specimens yet.
1.38sEspecially the male.
2.84sI've never seen one have so much trouble with zippers.
2.97sAs fun as it is to watch Fry try and operate his pants,
2.58syou can't keep him and Leela here against their will.
1.42sAgainst their will?
2.54sMy good robot, they paid to be here.
2.9sThey think they're on a romantic holiday.
3.05sHumans have been vacationing in our habitat for years.
2.49sIn fact, Leela's been here before.
3.75sWhen her previous mate, Sean, returned here with his current female,
3.37swe quickly invited Leela back as a behavioral experiment,