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4.24sAnd the robot hands would make you a strawberry shortcake any time of day.
2.39s4:00, 7:00, any time.
1.37sNo way!
0.85sI'm not lying.
1.3sAlso, Leela and I...
3.57sHad a very nice, very private vacation.
2.2sLet's just leave it at that.
3.24sCan I tell them? Please, please? I got to tell them.
2.37sNo. You'll only make them feel bad.
1.63sLet's not humiliate them.
1.77sListen to Sparkles.
1.37sOh, no.
2.37sWhat happened to your marmoset pajamas, Amy?
4.15sFry and I were just talking about how adorable those are.
3.79s(BOTH SNIGGERING) Also, nothing in here smells like a rotting crab.
2.05sNow can I? Now can I?
1sLet 'er rip.