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0.9sYes, Homer.
1.1sIf I catch fire?
1.13sNo, Homer.
1.4sIf I see something weird?
0.92sYes, Homer.
1.72sWhat about when we snuggle?
1.82sHmm... That's okay.
3.27s"Dear Woodrow, it's time for us to meet.
2s"Why don't we go out to dinner?
3.67sAfter, we'll go to my apartment for some home cookin'."
1.48sAy, caramba!
1.55s"Hungrily yours, Edna."
2.99sWell, she's dangled on the line long enough.
2.17sIt's time to boat this bass.
4.94s"When I read your letters, I feel as if you are right here watching me."
0.85sBart! Eyes down.
1.3sYes, ma'am.
4.14s"Every second until we meet "stabs me like a thousand needles.
4.17s"join me at the Gilded Truffle Saturday at 8:00.
2.7s"Perhaps later we will smooch up a storm.
1.78sSexily yours, Woody."