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0.67sLet's see what you've got, son.
3.12sMy spidey sense is tingling.
0.7sIt's that good?
4.92sWhoa. Did I say "spidey"? I meant "stinky." Enough said.
0.5sWhat did I do wrong?
2.82sOh, I don't know. Try everything.
2.1sNow hold on, Comic Book Guy.
2.55sThis boy's still finding his voice.
1.98sSo you're saying I should keep trying?
4.62sAbsolutely. And if you fail, you can always open a comic book store.
2.4sStan Lee insulted me.
3.62sBut in Bizarro World that means he likes me.
2.47sI just need one great idea.
3.9sBatman! Oh, it's been done.
2.64sGreen Lantern! Nah.
4.37sI like Little Dot. Could you rip that off? I mean, who's gonna know?
1.88sI'd know, Mom!
3.82sMmm. That little girl sure loved dots.