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0.43sHave you been up all night eating cheese?
3.52sI think I'm blind.
2.87sGood day to you.
2.4sExcuse me. We wanted to see the geek...
2.5swho valued the happiness of his children more than money.
3.64sRight here. Aw, you said his head was the size of a baseball.
2.57sOhh. My life can't get any worse.
2.83s- Homer Simpson, report for much worse duties. - D'oh!
4.25sOw! Ow! After lunch, can I whip you?
2sNope. Aw, no fair.
3.72sHmm. I wonder what makes it turn. Who cares?
2.9sMaggie, I know you like the bear,